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Application Process

Membership of Textranet is not open for all Organisation as it only be granted by the approval of existing Full Members. Those Organisations seeking membership must do so in writing presenting their case to be allowed into membership, at least one month prior to the next meeting of the General Assembly. Applications that are received later than this threshold will be considered at the meeting that follows the next one.

The application will be circulated amongst all of the Full Members after which it is voted upon by ballot at the General Assembly. In order to be accepted into membership an organisation must receive favourable votes from at least two-thirds of those members entitled to vote at the meeting. Proxy votes for this purpose are accepted.

Organisations cannot be co-opted into membership by any authority.

Each full member has one vote at meetings of the General Assembly. Other categories of membership are entitled to speak but not vote at these meetings.

All Full members are expected to play an active part in the Association and in particular to attend General Assemblies. Any Full or Transitional member who continuously fails to attend four General Assembly meetings will automatically have their membership reviewed by the voting members of the Association